Sports Information Questionnaire

Sports Information Questionnaire

This information should be completed by current UNOH student-athletes for use in various publications and online sources.

Prospective student-athletes should visit specific sport's page and find the "Recruit Questionnaire" under the "Additional Links" tab.

  • Name *
  • Sport *
  • Year in College *
  • Please Indicate your Height in Feet and Inches

  • Please indicate your Current Weight in Pounds

  • Please List the last school you attended prior to UNOH.

  • Please List the last college or university you attended prior to UNOH. If none, please enter "N/A" or "None".

  • Please list all awards and honors (academic and athletic) that you earned in high school. Please be specific with regard to the year in which the award was won. Also, please list the specific district/region/county in which any all-district, all-region, or all-county awards were earned.

  • Please list any awards or honors (athletic and academic) that you have earned previously in college. Please be as specific as possible. If None, please enter N/A or None.

  • Please list any relatives in your immediate family. If none, please enter N/A or None.